Tuesday, 1 April 2014

DIY Bunny Mini Plushies

Make two little bunnies to welcome spring :)

-Gray/white felt
-Gray/white thread
-Scrap of pink felt
-Scrap of blue felt

1) Cut out the pieces according to the pattern
2) Embroider the face onto one of the face pieces
3) Put the right sides of the face pieces together. Sew, leaving a small hole. Turn right-side out.
4) Stuff, and finish sewing up.
5) Sew on the ears.
6) Glue the bow onto the head.

Repeat for the boy bunny, gluing the bow as a bow tie.



{The pattern is here}


  1. Cute! I really want to make one. I love how easy the pattern is.

    1. Thank you! If you do make one, please let me know. ^_^


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