Saturday, 5 April 2014

DIY Cat Pincushion

Make a little cat to keep you pins company!

-Felt in a color of your choice
-Matching thread
-Black embroidery thread

*You can use embroidery thread, but if you don't have embroidery thread you can just double up some regular thread a few times. Thats what I do!*

** You can make the circles whatever size you want. For my pincushion, I traced a glass onto a piece of paper and used that as a pattern for my circles (you will need 2 circles)**

*** The pattern for the face is here***

1) Embroider the face onto one of the circles
2) Put the right sides of both of the circles together and sew up, leaving a small hole. Turn right side out.
3) Stuff and finish sewing up. Thats it!
Don't feel bad for sticking him with pins. He's happy to help you keep them under control!



  1. Cute cat pincushion! I've made one of my own for the other animals, lol :)

  2. That's so cute ! I love it's little face !
    Eb x


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