Thursday, 10 April 2014

DIY Mini Puppy Plushie

Make a little puppy friend ^_^

*You can use embroidery thread, but if you don't have embroidery thread you can just double up some regular thread a few times. Thats what I do!*

**The pattern is here**

-Tan felt
-Matching Thread
-Dark brown felt
-Jump ring (optional)

1) Embroider the face on one of the circles
2) Put the right sides of the face together and sew, leaving a hole. Turn right side out and stuff. Finish sewing up.
3) Sew on the ears.
4) If you want, sew on a jump ring.
Thats it!




  1. So cute :) You must have so many of these !
    Eb x

    1. Thank you! My friends have put in a little order, so there will probably soon be a lamb, a cat, and a pig, too. ^_^

  2. What an adorable felt puppy! So small and cute!
    I love all these tutorials you are doing, I love making mini plushies for friends :)

    1. Thank you, making things for friends is so fun ^_^


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