Wednesday, 9 July 2014

:: Mamegoma Plushie ::

Mamegoma Plushie

Sorry for the pictures, the lighting was bad. at least thats my excuse!

You can make this little guy into a magnet, too. I think he'd work well as one.

The pattern is here. You will also need a white circle the same size as the body for the back. Sorry, I forgot to add it.

-White felt
-Pink felt
-Black felt
-Matching thread

1) Cut out the pieces according to the pattern.
2) Sew the cheeks onto the body. Sew the eyes on top of them.
3) Sew the muzzle onto the body by embroidering the mouth.

Halfway through! Take a little rest, making Mamegoma is hard work.

4) Use the flipper to sew up the tail.
5) Partly blanket stitch him up, sewing in the other flipper. Stuff and finish sewing up.

Enjoy your little Mamegoma!

Have a great day



  1. Ahhh!!! I love it! It's so.... KAWAII! xo

  2. I love Mamegoma! This tutorial is so kawaii! ^_^

    ❤ MJ //

    1. Thank you! I love Mamegoma, he is so cute. :)

  3. Adorable! I love how easy this is.


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