Friday, 4 July 2014

:: Rilakkuma Mushroom Pouch ::

Rilakkuma Mushroom Pouch DIY
Happy Friday, and happy 4th of July to my American readers!

I haven't posted for a few days because this little guy took me a while to make.

*The pattern is here*

*If you use felt for the backing and lining, you only need 2 pieces and no big piece of white felt.*

What you'll need:
-Red felt
-White felt
-Brown felt
-Black felt
-Yellow felt
-Fabric for backing and lining
-Velcro or other closure
-Matching thread

1)Cut out the pattern pieces
2) Sew the spots onto the red felt to create your mushroom.
3) Sew the brown felt onto the mushroom to create the face.
3) Sew the white oval onto the face to make the nose
4) Sew the nose and the eyes onto the face.
5) Sew the yellow part of the ears to the brown part. Sew the ears onto the head.

Take a break! You're halfway through.

6) Seal the sides of your lining and baking fabric off with glue. If you are using felt, you can skip this step.
7) Blanket stitch one piece of lining fabric to the head.
8) Make a sandwich, using the other 2 pieces of lining fabric and the white felt. Blanket stitch together, and this will be the back of the pouch. If you are using felt, you can skip this step.
9) Blanket stitch the back and the front of the pouch together, only up to the ears.
10) Sew the Velcro, or whatever closure you choose, to the insides of the pouch.
Thats it! Enjoy your little Rilakkuma mushroom pouch.

Don't forget to take a little rest! Making this tired me out.



  1. Can your tutorials get any cuter? I *heart* Rilakkuma and this tutorial! Too cute! :)

    I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award:


    1. Thank you so much!
      I will make my post when I can, probably tomorrow. :)

  2. this is so cute! I love it!

  3. I havent seen a Rilakkuma in such a long time. Brings back memories.

    Daisy l KlassicKitty

    1. Thank you! I love Rilakkuma. :)


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