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:: Guest Post by Lisa of Tea and Craft ::

*This is a guest post by Lisa, you can visit her lovely blog here! Thank you so much for this lovely tutorial, Lisa. :)*

 Hello! I'm Lisa from Tea and Craft and Amy has very kindly invited me to guest post here! ^___^ I decided to show you how I make hair bows because a) one can never have enough hair bows and b) I have been dying to do some sewing! I did these by hand, since my sewing machine is broken (which is probably why I can only think of sewing projects atm!), but if you have a *working* machine you can whip these up even faster!
To make the bows you will need some cute fabric, some hair clips, some pins, a pair of scissors, needle and thread (or a sewing machine), and some buttons if you want to decorate your bows a little. I like to use a template for making my bows, since that means I don't have to do a lot of measuring ~___^ I have created a template for you to use, which you can download by clicking on the image below. It's A3 size, but if you don't have an A3 printer you can easily make your own template; it's just two rectangles, one of which is 24cm x 27 cm and the other which is 90 cm x 60 cm.
My fabric had been stuffed into my stash for a really long time, so I gave it a quick iron before I began. You can see from my photos what a gloomy day it was while I was doing this! Rainy days are perfect for crafting, but less than optimal for photo-taking ~___^
Next step is to cut out your fabric into the two rectangle shapes. Use your pins if you want to, but don't worry about the edges being perfect; you won't see them in the finished product anyway.
Then fold the larger rectangle right sides in along the longer edge, pin it together, and stitch a long the non-folded edge. I recommend doing a couple of stitches at the start and the end to make sure your seam doesn't come undone later.
Once you've sewed the edge, turn your fabric back the right way out. You will have a fabric tube; fold the fabric so that the seam runs down the middle of the back of the tube. It's hard to see, but my seam in the photo above is right between the two middle black and white designs on the fabric. Fold your fabric in half again, so that the seam is on the outside of the fold and the two raw edges are together.
Add some pins, and then sew the raw edges together. You can see my stitches in the photo above; they don't have to be perfect, just make sure they are secure.
Turn your fabric so that the seam is in the inside of the ring. Then do the exact same thing for the smaller rectangle.
Now you will have two rings; if you want to have a button in the centre of your bow, you can now sew it to the smaller ring, on the opposite side of the seam.
Press the larger ring flat and fold it accordion style, adding a pin to the centre to hold it in place. Then you can thread the small ring onto the large one, removing the pin once you've got the small ring on.
Fluff out the edges of your bow, and admire your handiwork! To add the hair clips, you have a few options; you can sew them on, glue them on, or just thread the clip through the small ring.
Whatever way you do it, you've made a hair bow! And since they're so quick and easy to make, I'm sure you won't be able to resist making a few more; I couldn't! ~___^ And wasn't it nice for the sun to finally come out to see the finished bows? ^___^
his is a great way to use up smaller pieces of fabric you may have and a cute way to show off fun novelty buttons. You can get really creative with what you put in the centre - I've also used small plastic animals, jewellery charms, and even scrapbooking embellishments. What would you put on them? ^___^

Thanks for having me here today Amy, it's been such fun; and thank you to you for reading! ^___^

- Lisa xx


  1. These are so cute! The colors you used go so well together! Lovely guest post :)

    MJ //

  2. So cute can't wait to make one!

  3. First time visits here, nice blog and sharing, I wish you to have a happy day~ =D

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

  4. I like the flowery fabric a lot!

  5. Wow these are really cute! Thanks for sharing :-)

  6. Thanks for your sweet comments everyone!

  7. These are extremely cute and wearable. I love this idea. Thank you for sharing Lisa :)

  8. Woww,this is so cute! :)

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