Tuesday, 29 September 2015

September Favourites

I haven't had a chance to go out and buy anything new this month, I've been so busy! I hope that these favourites don't bore you ♥
 Some of my favourite posts from this month were a Homemade Pumpkin Chai Lattehow to make a Whimsical Braida review of the Lush Twilight Bath BombAutumn ColoursBlushing Burgundy, and My Dream Closet + How I Keep Mine Organized.
My beauty favourites were:

Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Duo in Mauve Glow
I don't have a link for this because it's quite old. I also mentioned this in my Autumn Colours post, so you can read a little more about it there.
I think that this has some really nice shades! I usually don't wear bold colours, like purples, but this is quite toned down. I think that this is a nice little duo for an autumn inspired eye.
NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil
I've had this for a while, but I always forget to mention it. I don't do a lot with my brows, but I usually comb them out and shape them with the little brush on the end, and do a few soft strokes with the pencil. I don't have much to say about it, it's quite good!
Mark First Blush Perfect Flush Powder
First of all, can I say how cute this is? Swirled together, they give a very nice, highlighted blush. Sometimes I just like to use the highlighter in the middle. The only problem I have with it is that it can be quite dark and overpowering if you put on too much.
The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter
It's funny, when I looked back at my old posts, I had mentioned this in my last Spetember favourites post! I've going through my lotion and body butter to use them up lately, because I can never bring myself to, when I re found my love for this one. I may even go back and get another when I'm done with this tub.
EOS Rachel Roy Lip Balm Collection
These are another thing I re found my love for. I usually don't like tropical scents, but these are an exception. I love how moisturizing they are!
My other favourites were:

Bath & Body Works Leaves Scented Candle
I love a good autumn scented candle. This one, along with the traditional autumn notes, smells a little fresh. It's one of my go-to relaxation candles!
David's Tea Peanut Butter Cup
My friend gave this tea to me for my birthday, and I'm in love with it! It really does taste like a peanut butter cup.
David's Tea Chocolate Rocket
I had this last autumn, and I repurchased it a few weeks ago. It's one of my all-time favourite chocolate teas.

What have you loved this September? Have you tried any of these before?


  1. is it bad that I've been waiting for this post?

    Anyways, I love all your favorites! Body Shop Body Butter is the bomb!

    a little bit of sunshine

    1. Of course not Noor! That's the highest from of flattery ♥

  2. I've seen David's Tea products around and have been so curious in them! nice post :)

    Winn | ♥
    winscribbles.blogspot.com | Instagram

  3. The blush looks cute, so do the Eoses!

  4. Nice picks. I do like The Body Shop butters :-D

  5. Super cute favorites. The Body Shop body butters sound really nice >w<

    x Mishs Beauty Diary

    1. Thank you Mish, I think that they're amazing ♥

  6. I don't think that a monthly favorites has to always include new things. In fact, if you are able to love things you already love it's even better. Such a fan of the body shop body butters too!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. I'm so happy you think so Rae! Thank you, I love them ♥

  7. Your eyeshadow duo is seriously beautiful, I actually use very similar colors for everyday <3
    And The Body Shop body butter is amazing!! I love that stuff.

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. Aww, thank you so much Carla! ♥

  8. Oh I loveit your EOS lip balms


  9. I really wish i had a body shop near me!! :(
    Really enjoyed this post!! :) xx

  10. Great things. I really like EOS lip balms : ) I greet : )

  11. As always, Amy, such a great post. x I look forward to reading these, if I may admit. xx
    ~ Sanjana

    1. Thank you so much Sanjana, you're always so nice ♥

  12. Isn't it crazy that we still don't have bath and body works in my country?!?! I haven't yet smelled the amazingness of the leaves candle

    BCfactor Blog

    1. Thank you Bea! That's too bad :(

  13. I really want to try the EOS lip balms! :O I heard so much about them! :D Nice post!



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