Tuesday, 27 December 2016

3 Current Inspirations

Wow, December has flown by so fast so far! I hope that you all had wonderful holidays. I've been really missing blogging lately, so I thought that I'd come back today with a bit of  lazier post. I've been super inspired lately, so I thought that it would be fun to share some of these inspirations with you guys.

1. PrincessMei's Rust Red Holiday Makeup Tutorial with Gold Flake Freckles and Winter & Holiday 2016 Lookbook

Mei's Videos are always perfection, but these two are especially perfect for the holiday season. Just watching them and their warm, cozy aesthetic makes me happy!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Recent Reads Part 3

It's time for another Recent Reads post! I've been so busy lately that I've fallen a little behind with my reading, but I've still read some quite good books lately, and I thought that I'd share them with you. I'm not going to post about all of the books that I've read lately, just my favourites!
Dracula by Bram Stoker
My rating: 4/5 stars
Average Goodreads Rating: 3.97/5 stars

I just finished this the other day, and it's the one on this list that took me the longest to read. I didn't know what to expect going into this, but I quite enjoyed it. The story is more complex than I expected, and it had more characters than I thought it would. The story ties together many people through the mystery of a strange Transylvania count, and a series of strange events. This strange crew must band together to try to put an end to the terrors that Count Dracula has spread.

Friday, 4 November 2016

October Favourites

I know that this is a little late, but I'm back today with my October favourites! I had an extremely hectic month, which is why I didn't post too much, and it also means that I don't have too many favourites. I did quite like the ones that I have, though, so I thought that I'd share them with you anyways!

Some of my favourite posts from my blog this month were Let's Chat #2The Harry Potter Tag, and On My Bedside Table.
Some of my favourite posts from other blogs were French Onion Gnocchi SoupSalted Caramel Pretzel Crunch BarsWatercress, Leek, Cheddar & Sourdough GratinRhubarb & Gingernut Baked CheesecakeDevils Food Cupcakes With Pomegranate Sugar ShardsGluten-Free Onion RingsApple Cider DoughnutsWhy I Care About Numbers, and Autumn in Italy.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

On My Bedside Table

I know, I know, I kind of went missing again. But I'm back with another post, if any of you still remember me! I always love getting a little peek into other people's routines, so I thought that I'd give you a little peek into mine today. So, without further ado, here's what I keep on my bedside table!
I've been reading before I go to bed lately, and though I have about five books on the go, this is the one I've been reaching for lately. It's perfect for this spooky season, and I'm always trying to read more classics.
Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme
I've been using this for quite a few months now, and I think that it's helping my nails to grow faster. It keeps my cuticles moisturized and has an amazing lemon scent. It also lasts for a very long time!
The Body Shop Born Lippy Raspberry Lip Balm
This isn't quite as moisturizing as the other lip balm in the post, but it still works quite well. I generally use this one when I wake up, and the other when I go to bed. This one has a very nice smell, and is quite long lasting.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Harry Potter Tag

I'm finally back! I know that I said that I'd try to blog more, but my life has been really crazy lately.
I usually don't do tags, but when I was tagged by Salha to do the Harry Potter tag, I just had to! I'm completely obsessed with Harry Potter, especially lately, and I thought that this would be a great way to show my love for it.
1. What is your favorite book? and 2. What is your favourite film?
I'm putting these two together because my answer is the same for both of them: I can't pick just one! But my top three would probably be the Chamber of Secrets, the Prisoner of Azkaban, and the Goblet of Fire.

3. What is your least favourite book? and 4. What is your least favourite film?
I'm squishing these two together again, because my answer is the same for them: The Order of the Phoenix. I haven't read the books or watched the movies in quite a while, but I remember the book to be quite boring in some parts. Though I enjoyed the movie, if I had to choose one it would be my least favourite.

5. Parts of the books/ films that make you cry.

Honestly, I don't cry from books or movies! But one part that really got to me was when Luna painted all of her friends on her walls, I thought it was so sweet.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Let's Chat #2

If any of you follow my blog avidly (which I doubt you do!) you'll have noticed that I kind of went missing for a good part of September. Now, I don't know about you, but I had a very lazy summer. I didn't do much, didn't go out much, and took some much-needed time off. But with the beginning of September came lots and lots of things to do. I'm not going to go into detail about all the stuff I'm doing, as I'm sure it would bore you, but let me tell you it's a lot. So, my blog was kind of pushed aside for a while. I'm back now (at least for a week!), and I thought I'd let you know what's going on here.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

September Favourites

I know, I know, I kind of went missing this month. I'm planning for my next post to be about my plans and schedule for this blog, but the short story is, I've been insanely busy and haven't had ANY time to blog until now. On my blog, I strongly value quality over quantity, and I noticed that some of my recent posts haven't been, in my opinion, very good quality. So I took a little "break" (I don't really consider it a break because I was so busy I barely had time to even listen to my own thoughts) and waited until I had the time to make better quality posts.
As I said, I'll talk about this more in my next post, so let's get into the favourites!

Some of my favourite posts from my blog this month were Recent Reads Part 24 Nail Polishes For AutumnYoutube Channels That Inspire Me, and My Everyday Makeup.

 Cake Beauty Lemon & Cream Dry Shampoo and Body Powder
I wanted to try a new, cruelty-free dry shampoo, so I picked this one up, and I love it! It does a good job of making my hair feel fresher, and adds a tiny bit of volume. It also smells delicious, and keeps my hair smelling good all day.
NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer
I have quite dry skin, so I always like to use a moisturizing primer. This one helps to make sure that my foundation doesn't look too cakey, and adds a slight glow to my skin. I love the way it makes my skin feel!

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

My Everyday Makeup

I  don't know about you, but I love getting a little peek into other people's routines. There are also lots of products that I use on a daily basis, but never make it onto my blog. With both of these in mind, I decided that I'd give you guys a little peek into my everyday makeup. 
Though I didn't think that I wore a lot of makeup, this post made me think otherwise! So grab a cup of tea, because this is quite a long post (at least for me!).
I love using a primer before my base to make sure that my foundation of choice doesn't look cakey and cling to my dry patches. I haven't been using this for long enough to give a full review, but it leaves my skin feeling glowy and moisturized.
NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand in Fair
I've been using this concealer for a quite a few months, and I really like it. Thought it isn't incredibly high coverage, it doesn't make my skin look dry and does a fairly good job of coving blemishes.
I love the way that this makes my skin look, it's fairly high coverage for a BB creme. I'm not a fan of matte foundations on my skin, so I'm very happy that this isn't one. It leaves my skin looking more dewy and glowy than other foundations, and I love the way it feels.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

4 Nail Polishes for Autumn

I already spoke about my favourite makeup shades for autumn, so I thought that it was time to share some of my favourite nail polish shades. While I don't paint my nails very often and I'm not very good at it, it makes me feel so refreshed to have newly painted nails. So, in order to get into the autumn spirit, here are four of my favourite nail polishes for autumn.
     ♥     L'Oreal Colour Riche Gold Dust Polish in Rough Around the Edges
I don't wear a lot of black nail polishes, but I love this one. I love a nail polish with sparkle, and this one it packed with it! It looks so pretty reflecting the light.

     ♥     Avon Dazzlers Top Coat in Glitzy Gold
As I've said before on this blog, I love wearing golds in autumn. This is a lovely topcoat, and works well over a wide variety of shades. I think that it would look nice on it own, too!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Recent Reads Part 2

After my first recent reads post, I realized that it's something I wanted to post about more often. I'm not very good at reviewing books, but I love to share with you guys what I'm reading. I read so much and so often, it seems strange that I don't talk about books more on my blog! 
Okay, I know that this book has a lot of mixed reviews, so I won't talk about it in too much detail. I will say this though: I thought the plot was quite weak. I won't spoil it for any of you, but I did find it highly unrealistic. I loved Scorpius' character and I loved how Draco's character grew, but I thought that most of the other characters weren't quite right. I did love the relationship between Albus and Scorpius, though. I would love to see the play, though, I heard that the special effects were amazing! If only I didn't live so far away.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

August Favourites

August flew by for me this year. As much as I dislike going back to school and work as everybody else, I do love autumn. I love the weather, the styles, and the food. So even though I'll be mourning the loss of my free time, I'm glad that autumn has come!

Beauty Favourites
Baths are one of my favourite ways to de-stress, so I'm constantly trying out new bath products. Recently, this has been my go-to when I don't want anything too overpowering or intense. It has a nice, light fragrance and makes tons and tons of bubbles. I also think that this is great value for it's money, you can get a lot more uses out of it than you can with other bath products of the same price.

I love a good sparkling white/cream eyeshadow to brighten up my eyes, so I thought that I'd give this one a go. The packaging seems quite cheap and fell apart quickly, but the actual eyeshadow is of much better quality. Though not incredibly pigmented, it still leaves a fair amount of colour and shimmer, and is more blend-able than other eyeshadows in it's price range.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

August's Ask The Blogger: Kailey Flyte from Mermaidens

Hello again! I'm finally back, and this time with another Ask The Blogger. This month's amazing blogger is Kailey from Mermaidens. I'm very excited, as Kailey's blog has inspired me for years! If you don't know what Ask The Blogger is, it's a monthly series where you guys send in questions for a blogger and I compile them all into one big post. Anyways, lets jump right into the interview!
 1.      Hi Kailey! Could you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?
Hello! I'm Kailey - sometimes photographer and model, cat stalker, musicals enthusiast & lover of music, animation, & personal style~. My blog basically is a diary of my everyday outfits and stuff I love!
2.      What inspired you to blog to begin with? 
I was honestly feeling rather done, and knew that having a creative outlet would help - so I just started!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Early Autumn Makeup

I love almost everything about autumn. I love the weather, I love the clothing. And, most importantly to this post, I love the makeup shades. I know that most people think of dark, berry-toned lips, but I love gilded and bronzed eyes, and natural nude lips. Ideally, I think that my goal for autumnal makeup is to look like a forest fairy. To be honest, that's my makeup goal for most of the year.
As I'm sure you all know by now, I love a good seasonal post, so I thought that I'd share a little round up of some of my favourite makeup to wear in early autumn. As I said before, I think that the season calls for golds, bronzes, and browns.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

My Current Shower Lineup

I've been taking more baths than showers lately, but I know that as summer comes to a close and the business of autumn starts again, me and many others will soon be trading in the luxury of baths for the efficiency of showers. There seem to be so many more fun and exciting bath products as opposed to shower products; bath bombs, bubble baths, bath salts, and bath melts. However, I've been trying out a few new shower products lately, so I thought that I'd share with you guys!
I've mentioned this hair mask a couple times on here before, but I really do love it. It makes my hair feel softer than it ever has before. Using this once or twice a week leaves my hair feeling like a soft, fluffy, cloud.

This stuff smells so good. I was a bit worried the first few times that I used it because it seemed so thin compared to conditioners that I have used before, but after a few washes my hair got used to it. It keeps the ends of my hair moisturized and soft. I'm going to have to buy a larger bottle of it next time, though, because I use quite a bit each time.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Cruelty-Free Favourites Under $15

A quick word on being cruelty-free in relation to my blog
As some of you may know, I started to go cruelty-free some time in April. For those of you that don't know, going cruelty-free is only buying from cosmetics brands that do not test on animals. Though I'm pretty much only buying from cruelty-free brands now, I'm not going to throw away the products that I already own from non-cruelty-free brands so as not to waste them, which is why you will still see products that are not cruelty-free on my blog. From the end of April on, all of my posts including beauty products will have a handy little bunny beside their names if the product is cruelty-free.

Knowing what brands are cruelty-free
Now, I know that going cruelty-free can be intimidating at first. I've found that it's hard to simply go to a store and start buying products without knowing what brands are cruelty-free. Something that has been very helpful to me is this List of Officially cruelty Free Brands (2016) and List of Cruelty Free Drugstore Brands from Cruelty Free Kitty. This blog is a total lifesaver, it's obvious how much hard work went into it.

Going cruelty-free doesn't have to be expensive
Another thing that can be intimidating is the price of cruelty-free products. At first glance, you may think that all cruelty free products are from expensive, natural brands. However, many of the products that you bought before are probably cruelty-free! 
So, if any of you have been thinking of or trying to go cruelty-free, I thought that it might be helpful for me to share with you some of my favourite cruelty-free products that are under $15 (CAD).
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pure Gold
I love the formula of this, I've been obsessed with cream-style eyeshadow lately. I also really like the highly pigmented colour that it gives off, and I like to use it under a gold powder shadow for a more intense gold eye.
**NYX does not test on animals, but is owned by L'Oreal, a company that does.
Marcelle Ultimate Volume Mascara
This is one of my favourite mascaras of all time, and I dearly wish that it were made in a waterproof formula. It gives my lashes more volume than any mascara I have tried before, and gives them a lot of length as well. It also doesn't clump, like so many volume-based mascaras do, which is a real plus for me.

Friday, 5 August 2016

The Importance of Setting Goals and How to Stick to Them

There are many different types of goals, too many to ever fit into one post. However, today I'm talking about the types of goals you set yourself that you try to do something every day. For example, telling yourself that you'll read a certain amount of pages from a book every day, or that you'll go for a walk every day. I always set myself too many goals and never stick to them, so this post is as much for me as to share the tips that work for me with you guys!
Why set goals?

1. You can improve so much faster than you'd think
Doing something every day can make such a huge improvement, honestly. When you look back at where you were and how far you've come in only a week or a month, you'll be amazed!
2. Making a visible improvement makes you feel great
Like I said before, doing something every day can make such a big difference. Looking at how far you've come is a huge confidence booster.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Soft Pinks | #glossierpink

I know I've already made a ton of posts focusing on pink beauty products, but when Glossier inspired me to make a post based on a pink colour scheme, I knew that I'd have to, because honestly, I can't get enough of that colour.

I know this post has more of a Valentines aesthetic than an early August one,  but quite honestly, I don't care. Valentines day has some of my favourite decorations, and I usually end up using them throughout the whole year.

In this post, I thought that I'd share some of my favourite subtle pink makeup favourites. Bright, Barbie pinks are all well and good, but most days, I'm more into softer pink tones.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Recent Reads Part 1

I don't talk about it a lot on my blog, but I am a total bookworm. Growing up, books were something of great value in my household, and almost weekly we would all trek to our local library, and when we got home, we would try and find a spot in our overflowing bookshelves to fit in our borrowed books. I almost always have a book on the go, and consistently find comfort in their black-and-white pages.
Since I've been on summer vacation, I've been reading quite a lot lately, so I thought that I'd share with you my five favourite books that I've read recently. Just to let you know, none of these books are particularly happy. In fact, the majority of them are quite sad.
I decided that this was the summer that I needed to read more classics, and this is the one I decided to start with. This book gave me more insight into what the American South was like in the 1930s, something that I've never really had any reason to learn about before, being Canadian and all. What I did not expect was for this book to be written in the point of view of a child. As smart as children can be, the world is still seen differently from their eyes. Children are born without prejudice, and the way that they are raised has the potential to shape their whole lives. To see the world from the eyes of a child who doesn't quite understand the complication, hatred, and bias of the world they live in gives this book a unique feel.

Monday, 18 July 2016

July's Ask The Blogger: Randi Butler from Milk & Twee

    Hello everyone! I'm here today with July's Ask The Blogger, this time with the amazing Randi Butler from Milk & Twee. If you don't know what Ask The Blogger is, it's a monthly series where you guys send in questions for a blogger and I compile them all into one big post. I'm very excited for todays interview, as Randi has been a huge inspiration to me.
     1. Hi Randi! Could you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?
    Hey everyone thank you so much for reading! Well I'm Randi Butler. I'm an artist/musician/creative from Poughkeepsie, New York and I'm a little obsessed with fashion. I created Milk & Twee as an outlet for my love of adorable, vintage-inspired fashion from various decades and it's slowly turning into something much more than that.

    Tuesday, 5 July 2016

    5 Fuss-Free Makeup Favourites

    I think that everyone needs fuss-free makeup sometimes. Whether you're in a hurry or you just can't be bothered to spend too much time on your makeup, we can all use items that can be used in a pinch. Inspired by being short of time in the morning, I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you!
    5 Fuss-Free Makeup Favourites

    Sunday, 3 July 2016

    6 Ways to Have a Relaxing Morning Off

    You smell coffee being made in the next room, and freshly made pancakes sit in your belly. A soft breeze blows in on you from an open window, where you can hear birds chirping in the bushes outside. The whole world seems to be calm and at peace.
    I've always loved to have a relaxing morning off, and I've been trying out ways to have the best morning possible. I'm on my way to finding the perfect formula for a peaceful morning, so I thought that I'd share with you my top six tips.

    Thursday, 30 June 2016

    June Favourites

    I'm sorry for being completely absent here on my blog in June! I'm happy to say that I'm officially on holidays now, and I'm planning on breathing some life into my little old blog. This post is kind of tiny, because I was crazy busy studying and didn't have time to go out and get many new things this month.

    Thursday, 16 June 2016

    June's Ask The Blogger: Bash Harry from Hey Bash

    Hello everyone! It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm back today for June's Ask The Blogger with that amazing Bash Harry from Hey Bash. If you don't know what Ask The Blogger is, each month I'll interview a new blogger with both questions of my own and questions that you guys have asked. This was originally supposed to be published in May, but both of us had crazy schedules, so here it is now!

    Monday, 30 May 2016

    May Favourites

    I remember saying in April's favourites post how long that month felt for me. May is quite the opposite however. I can't remember a thing I did this month, it was all a blur!

    Wednesday, 11 May 2016

    Sunlit Stripes

    The weather here has been crazy lately, so my outfits have been all over the place. First, it was really quite hot, which was a change from the usual Canadian spring weather. Then, it was very cold and windy, which I like, but was a very sudden change. That's how this outfit was born: me trying to find a mix of hot and cold weather clothes.
    Sunlit Stripes Outfit

    Saturday, 7 May 2016

    Spreading Positivity Online

    It's so much easier to be rude to someone online, when you don't have to talk to them face to face. I'm not here today to talk about cyberbulling, which is definitely and issue, but not one that I see a lot of. I'm here today to try to encourage ever single one of you to go out of your way to try and be nice to at least one other person online today.
    I know that I'm not perfect when it comes to this. I know that there is always more that I can do. But I do want to try and build a little community of positivity around this blog. That's one of the reasons that it's here.

    Wednesday, 4 May 2016

    You Are Made of Stars

    I've always loved watching the stars. So of course, I want to take every chance to capture their glittering magic and include even a little bit of it into my makeup routine. If glitter isn't your thing, I'd steer clear of this post. But for all my fellow glitter-lovers out there, make yourself comfortable and get ready to learn about some of my favourite shining and shimmering beauty products. 

    Thursday, 28 April 2016

    Let's Chat

    I usually don't sit down and write chatty posts like this, but I thought it was time for one. I totally understand that not all of you will be interested in a post like this, but I think that it's time that I sat down and told you all about the blog and what's in store for it.

    Monday, 18 April 2016

    April Ask the Blogger: Jemma from Dorkface

    Hello! Today's post is the first post in what I hope will become a monthly series: Ask The Blogger. Each month I'll interview a new blogger with both questions of my own and questions that you guys asked. This month's is the amazing Jemma from Dorkface. Enjoy!

    Wednesday, 17 February 2016

    Glowing Makeup

    Lately I've been loving glowing makeup looks. I know that mattes are more appropriate for the winter season, but I love the fresh-faced look that dewy makeup provides. So, I thought that I'd share a little makeup routine for a glowing look. This sort of thing is new on my blog, so let me know what you think of it!
    I don't like using a heavy foundation, because I feel it makes my skin look cakey. This is one of the first bases I've tried that doesn't cling to my dry skin and make my face look like a patchwork quilt.
    Since I still have lots of acne scars, I like to use a concealer. I've been liking this one a lot lately, but I think that it's important to find the right one for your skin.
    Nothing wakes you up like a little swirl of blush! Just make sure that it's not to heavy.
    I like to use this in my T-zone, but not to heavily. A translucent powder would probably be ideal for this look, but I don't have one at the moment.
    As weird as it may sound, I typically use eyeshadows as highlighters. I tend to use one every day now because it makes my skin seem more full of life.
    Eyeshadow Primer
    If you aren't using a cream shadow, I think that this is a crucial step. It makes your eyeshadow last longer, and helps with the pigmentation.
    Light Coloured Eyeshadows
    I'm not sure why, but I haven't been doing any thing dramatic with my eye makeup lately. Right now, I prefer the look of lots of creams and pinks.
    For me, this is a crucial step, It instantly opens my eyes and makes me look more awake.
    Lip Gloss
    For a look like this, I like to reach for a light gloss instead of a lipstick. I feel like it completes the dewy look.

    What kind of makeup have you been loving lately?