Wednesday, 24 February 2016

{Review} Lush Milky Bath Bubble Bar

There must be nothing more relaxing than a morning bath. What could be more peaceful than soft light streaming in through my windows and flickering candles reflecting onto my bath water with bubbles crowding the surface?
When I first saw the Milky Bath Bubble Bar in my local Lush store, I fell in love with it. I mean, just look how cute it is! Not only is the bubble bar itself adorable, but it smells amazing. Since I'm so bad at describing scents, I'll use what the website says-"the delicate scent of orange oil to soothe your mind and let your troubles float away". I found this one of my favourite Lush scents to far, it's very light, and to me, not too overpowering. 
The website also says this: "This comforting milk bottle bubbler is filled with moisturizing cocoa butter, skimmed milk and olive oil for supremely soft skin". I didn't read the description before I got it, so I didn't know that it was supposed to be softening. However, to me, it was noticeably softening, which I thought was lovely. I would definitely recommend this for dry winter days!
This is also the first ever bubble bar I've used, and I only used half of it. If you want lots and lots of bubbles, I would recommend using the full bubble bar. However, I was very happy with only half and thought that it made really nice bubbles that were light and fluffy.
To me, this wasn't one of Lush's products that had a big "wow" factor, but it is definitely one of the ones that I like the best. 
Have you tried this bubble bar before? What do you think of it?



  1. Ahhh I love bubble and fizz bars! They just really add a spa-like element to your bath.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Thank you Ellie, I totally agree ♥

  2. I haven't had any of Lush products but I read they are so pleasant!

    1. Thank you, most of the ones I have tried are ♥


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