Tuesday, 13 September 2016

My Everyday Makeup

I  don't know about you, but I love getting a little peek into other people's routines. There are also lots of products that I use on a daily basis, but never make it onto my blog. With both of these in mind, I decided that I'd give you guys a little peek into my everyday makeup. 
Though I didn't think that I wore a lot of makeup, this post made me think otherwise! So grab a cup of tea, because this is quite a long post (at least for me!).
I love using a primer before my base to make sure that my foundation of choice doesn't look cakey and cling to my dry patches. I haven't been using this for long enough to give a full review, but it leaves my skin feeling glowy and moisturized.
NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand in Fair
I've been using this concealer for a quite a few months, and I really like it. Thought it isn't incredibly high coverage, it doesn't make my skin look dry and does a fairly good job of coving blemishes.
I love the way that this makes my skin look, it's fairly high coverage for a BB creme. I'm not a fan of matte foundations on my skin, so I'm very happy that this isn't one. It leaves my skin looking more dewy and glowy than other foundations, and I love the way it feels.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

4 Nail Polishes for Autumn

I already spoke about my favourite makeup shades for autumn, so I thought that it was time to share some of my favourite nail polish shades. While I don't paint my nails very often and I'm not very good at it, it makes me feel so refreshed to have newly painted nails. So, in order to get into the autumn spirit, here are four of my favourite nail polishes for autumn.
     ♥     L'Oreal Colour Riche Gold Dust Polish in Rough Around the Edges
I don't wear a lot of black nail polishes, but I love this one. I love a nail polish with sparkle, and this one it packed with it! It looks so pretty reflecting the light.

     ♥     Avon Dazzlers Top Coat in Glitzy Gold
As I've said before on this blog, I love wearing golds in autumn. This is a lovely topcoat, and works well over a wide variety of shades. I think that it would look nice on it own, too!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Recent Reads Part 2

After my first recent reads post, I realized that it's something I wanted to post about more often. I'm not very good at reviewing books, but I love to share with you guys what I'm reading. I read so much and so often, it seems strange that I don't talk about books more on my blog! 
Okay, I know that this book has a lot of mixed reviews, so I won't talk about it in too much detail. I will say this though: I thought the plot was quite weak. I won't spoil it for any of you, but I did find it highly unrealistic. I loved Scorpius' character and I loved how Draco's character grew, but I thought that most of the other characters weren't quite right. I did love the relationship between Albus and Scorpius, though. I would love to see the play, though, I heard that the special effects were amazing! If only I didn't live so far away.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

August Favourites

August flew by for me this year. As much as I dislike going back to school and work as everybody else, I do love autumn. I love the weather, the styles, and the food. So even though I'll be mourning the loss of my free time, I'm glad that autumn has come!

Beauty Favourites
Baths are one of my favourite ways to de-stress, so I'm constantly trying out new bath products. Recently, this has been my go-to when I don't want anything too overpowering or intense. It has a nice, light fragrance and makes tons and tons of bubbles. I also think that this is great value for it's money, you can get a lot more uses out of it than you can with other bath products of the same price.

I love a good sparkling white/cream eyeshadow to brighten up my eyes, so I thought that I'd give this one a go. The packaging seems quite cheap and fell apart quickly, but the actual eyeshadow is of much better quality. Though not incredibly pigmented, it still leaves a fair amount of colour and shimmer, and is more blend-able than other eyeshadows in it's price range.