Saturday, 31 December 2016

December Favourites 2016

December has been such a crazy month, I can't believe that it's finally over! I hope that you all had wonderful holidays, and that you got to spend time with your family and friends.
So, this is the last “favourites” post of 2016! I won't get too sentimental now, though, I'll save that for the next post.
I got this as a Christmas present, and I've been using it ever since! It smells absolutely amazing, and I love it's texture. My bathroom always smells wonderful after using this in the shower!

I grabbed this when I was in need of a new earl grey tea, and I absolutely love it! It's hard to describe: it's like a standard earl grey tea, but not quite as plain. I've been drinking this almost every morning lately!

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

3 Current Inspirations

Wow, December has flown by so fast so far! I hope that you all had wonderful holidays. I've been really missing blogging lately, so I thought that I'd come back today with a bit of  lazier post. I've been super inspired lately, so I thought that it would be fun to share some of these inspirations with you guys.

1. PrincessMei's Rust Red Holiday Makeup Tutorial with Gold Flake Freckles and Winter & Holiday 2016 Lookbook

Mei's Videos are always perfection, but these two are especially perfect for the holiday season. Just watching them and their warm, cozy aesthetic makes me happy!

Saturday, 3 December 2016

November Favourites 2016

I know that each month lately I've been apologizing for my absence, but I'm going to again. I love this blog, I really do, and I wish that I could devote more time and energy to make it the best that I possibly could. I could post more, but I'll always try to make one good quality post instead of 5 low quality ones. Its very important for me to make every post the best that I can, which often means doing things like retaking photos multiple times to get them as good as I can, waiting out a grey week because I know that the lighting is too low to take good photos, and writing posts over the course of weeks because I don't have the time to blog every day. I'm really hoping to breathe some more life into this blog, though, and I'm hoping that I'll get enough free time in December to really make it shine! But enough of my rambles, lets get into the favourites.
Beauty Favourites

Renpure Coconut Cream Shampoo
This shampoo took a little bit of getting used to, but I love it now! When I wash my hair with it, the texture seems different than other shampoos, but it makes my hair feel so soft. It also smells good enough to eat!

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes in 06
These shades are what dreams are made of! I have a soft spot for gold and bronze eyeshadows, so I just had to grab this mini palette. I ordered it online, and when I got it, I couldn't believe how much of each shade there was! I don't think I'll run out of these any time soon.